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All courses taught are done by internationally trained practitioners, who are nationally recognised and accredited by the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM).

Adam Lehman, En.K., has been involved with Energy Kinesiology and related healing arts for over 20 years. He has traveled throughout the US and internationally to share his knowledge and experience with understanding and depth. He has been teaching and presenting for well over a decade, and is the International Advanced Instructor and Instructor Trainer for Applied Physiology, L.L.C. Please contact Adam for the latest details of his monthly workshops at:
Office: 707-328-2838, and website @

Acu-K’s Harmonic Chi – The Power of Sound in Acupuncture Treatment
2 days (9AM-6PM) $ 225
Location: Sonoma, CA & Cave Creek, AZ
Dates: Dec 3-4, 2011 (Sonoma, CA), Apr 21-22, 2011 (Cave Creek, AZ)
NCAAOM (up to 14 PDA points) & CA Board of Acupuncture CEU’s

Harmonic Chi Flyer (PDF)

Agape Quest 1 – Holographic Balancing
4 days (9AM-6PM)
Location: Cave Creek, AZ & Sonoma, CA
Dates: Jan 27-30, 2012 (AZ), Feb 11-19, 2012 (CA) for Agape Quest 1 & 2
NCAAOM & CA Board of Acupuncture CEU’s

Agape 1 Flyer 2011 (PDF)

Singing Qi Seminars – Acupuncture in Harmony Series

I Traditional Shiatsu – Namikoshi style
II Ancient Japanese Anma Massage – Includes Hara diagnosis & Visceral Massage
III Shiatsu & Anma Techniques – specific to release of TMJ, Head, Neck, Shoulders, Low Back/hip & Sciatica.
IV Ancient Anma & Hot Stone Massage – Balancing the Zang-Fu through heat
V Acu-ShiMa

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