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Unlimited Abundance

Have you heard the phrase- “Some people have all the luck?” These people seem to attract fine friends, earn early bonuses, and maintain healthy bodies. Others tend to sap the energy from a room, see the world as an oyster for only the wealthy, and therein remains a miry pit for the few left behind.

Meet Lauren and Diane.

Lauren was born into a respectable middle-class family, as was Diane. Lauren excelled as an intelligent student with loads of friends, stacks of library reads, and a seat on honor roll every semester. Diane, too, boasted exemplary report cards and received too many birthday invites to attend. A slew of graduation parties later followed by a stream of job offers, wedding parties, and baby blankets, marking a chapter closed for Lauren and Diane and a new beginning of lifestyle choices.

Today, the two women are separated by more than an income bracket. Lauren runs a successful consulting business with ample finances to award annual bonuses and spend each summer on holiday. She actively contributes to her community and spends weekends cooking stacks of pancakes for her children and whisking away for a night of dancing with her husband. She inspires, you see…

Now take off the rose-colored glasses and picture Diane: a woman stuck in a soul-sapping, phone-buzzing, lowly-paid desk job, often pulling ten-hour work days which, in turn, leaves her with little time and energy to eat dinner with her family or read a book with her children. She falls into a fitful sleep, tossing and turning, only to wake an hour later, anxiety ensuing over bills, health insurance, and creditors.

Why do some people have all the luck?

Why is Lauren living a day full of possibility and Diane falling fitfully asleep with anxiety upon every wakening hour? The answer lies within an abundance mindset, or set of conscious and subconscious beliefs in that mind responsible for controlling how wealth is perceived.

You see- some say the secret to wealth is intelligence even though a study by Jay Zagorsky of Ohio State University shows no correlation between wealth and IQ. Others insist education plays a role despite many of the world’s wealthiest people, (i.e. Donald Trump, Richard Branson, and Bill Gates) failing to finish high school. An entire economy supposedly controls the ebb and flow of productivity, yet history shows that when a recession strikes, thousands of new millionaires are made.

Say we chalk it up to luck then? Luck could serve as a plausible approach except that studies have shown that 1 in 3 lottery winners end up penniless within the first five years of their winning ticket.

Enter Christie Marie Sheldon, intuitive healer and personal energy coach known to have helped over 10,000 people worldwide to clear their inner energy barriers. She clears energy blocks by noticing density and temperature as well as muscle testing in individuals to open energy fields.

Possessing a self-declared gift as a child, she spent her growing years in the library, praying for “truth” before experiencing bursts of intuition and manifestation of mind-control techniques. She notes that she has an uncanny ability to see and influence people’s energy field and has been doing so since, unblocking energy fields by the thousands.

Fifteen years later, she is a regular speaker on radio, at seminars, and has since held more than 10,000 private consultations for clients.

Are you subconsciously sabotaging your own life?

Reza, a client of Christie, is a small business owner. His desire is to increase the wealth of his company. Through muscle testing, Christie realizes that Reza’s arm becomes limp when he expresses his desire to increase income.

Reza fails to believe his potential.

Christie recognizes that Reza’s experience with business dealings have sabotaged his earning potential mindset, resonating in unhealthy patterns. After delving into Reza’s subconscious patterns and unhealthy habits, he recognizes his abundance blocks and speaks with confidence: “I have been standing in my own way in regards to growing my own company,” he says.

He possessed a closed rather an open abundance of mind.

An open abundance means newfound passion and motivation to excel in your career and experience your surroundings, creative ideas and possible dreams; you will find yourself thinking, living, and working in a balanced life where time and energy are not dependent on energy drinks and cups of coffee.

A closed abundance results in lackluster energy, increased time constraints, and a schedule without end. The dinner is cold; the bill is unpaid; and your attitude towards money reverts to never having “enough”. You’ve stopped experiencing serendipitous moments in life and you’ve learned to clock out children and hobbies as time-management.

The 25 enemies of abundance

Sheldon contests that more than twenty-five roadblocks are in existence and “one abundance block is enough to completely derail your life”.

Society plays a surprisingly large role in creating abundance blocks in our mindset. Misguided messages, namely from trusted individuals and family to media and billboards can create reverse abundance, defined as messages with good intentions that create confusion and blocked abundance mindset.

As a child, did you ever hear your parents express disdain and contempt about wealthy neighbors? In college, did you endure mind-numbing curriculums that trained you to follow a system instead of creating your own? Have you grown accustomed to phrases such as “wealth comes through hard work”?

These abundance blocks creep in quietly and whisper with a smile but can misguide your fruition in possibility, positivity, and wealth. The messages dig themselves into your mindset, settle in, and barricade a hole in your mindset, sabotaging any efforts for an abundant life.

Lauren chose to overcome the abundance blocks society’s subliminal message of of negativity, thus liberating her mind to believe that she is able, worthy, and capable of receiving wealth. Her wealth does not amount to a shiny car or a two-story condo on the beach; rather she exudes a mission-wealthy mindset. To become mission wealthy means that charity receives a check every month, family dinners don’t become leftovers, and a full-time job becomes a second family with an additional stipend (or two) to use that near-expired flight voucher.

Diane did not.

Are you Lauren or Diane?

In order to learn how to eliminate abundance blocks and strengthen your abundance minds so you can stop struggling and start enjoying the wealth, freedom and peace of mind, consider the questions below:

1. Do you have all the money you think you deserve?

2. Do you have all the freedom and time you desire?

3. Are you happy with how much money you have made in your life?

4. Do you believe you need to sacrifice your spirituality to make more money?

If you answered no to any of these questions, then abundance blocks have served to sap you of your strength and possibility of wealth.

Consider then a free energy clearing session with Christie who will tap into your personal energy and expose any abundance blocks, which may be hindering your mindset.

For free energy-clearning sessions with Christie online with the following link: to open your mind to a world of abundance.


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