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Microcosmic Orbit Breath Awareness and Meditation Process

for enhanced reproductive health, an ancient Taoist meditation

Micro Cosmic Breathing PDF

A full breath triggers the respiratory center in the medulla to activate peptides and endorphins, the initiators of your hormonal system, These peptides are released into the central nervous system and circulate throughout the body. The microcosmic orbit activates the respiratory center, circulating its messages of relaxation and receptivity throughout the entire body, most notably the HPO axis. Perform this breathing exercise any chance you have. As you become experienced, the microcosmic breath should begin to flow as a single movement, and will be done effortlessly.

The Original MCO Breath 

  1. Place tongue on the roof of mouth, behind the front teeth.
  2. Inhale through the nose and down the center of the body, through the lungs down the rib cage, expanding the belly fully.
  3. Feel a pool of energy form in your uterine/ovarian area (the dan tien).
  4. As you are nearing the end of the inhalation, draw the energy down the pelvis to the pelvic floor muscles surrounding the vagina or the perineum.
  5. Release, and as you exhale, let the belly fall back in, and send the energy from the coccyx up the spine

to the top of the head, down the forehead, and out the nose. When you are comfortable with the MCO breathing process, you can enhance its effects with three areas of focus.

  1. With your attention on the womb area, focus on what this original, creative energy feels like. Open up to your original qi; that which has been present before you were even born. Feel its infinite potential to create. Spend a few minutes with your awareness on this area.
  2.  As you inhale, expand the feeling of an open heart, bringing the immensity of your heart’s energy down to the dan tien. With each exhalation, feel as if you are pulling down any excess unwanted energy to the base of the perineum for release as you exhale up the spine. Spend a few minutes focusing on release.
  3. Between exhalation and inhalation, notice the area between and behind the center of your eyebrows. This is the energetic area where perception of your environment is translated into chemical messages that orchestrate the entire endocrine cascade. Spend a few minutes becoming aware of the sensation of miraculous potential, as your perception of your world turns into a hormonal message.

Allow yourself to make this breathing meditation your very own. Some days you might be more drawn to focus on the womb, and your own infinite potential. Other days you might need to spend more time releasing. There also might be more of a call to a particular area of the body – the head, the heart, or the pelvis. Make this process come alive for you.

10 ways that Oriental Medicine and Acupuncture Enhance fertility

10 ways to Enhance Fertility – PDF

Studies consistently demonstrate acupuncture’s benefit for a range of fertility-related issues. In a landmark study, pregnancy rates were 43% with acupuncture & 26% without it.

1. Improves ovarian response – better egg production.

2. Increases ovarian and uterine blood flow – better ovarian response.

3. Helps prepare the uterine lining – increased implantation rates.

4. Improves sperm count, motility, and morphology.

5. Lessens the side effects of hormone treatments.

6. Regulates hormones of the hypothalamus, pituitary, and gonads.

7. Decreases reproductive immunologic reactions.

8. Decreases uterine contractility at implantation.

9. Resolves stress to promote relaxation.

10. Reduces the incidence of miscarriage.

Chinese medical therapies consist of acupuncture, herbal medicine (with your doctor’s concurrence), nutritional, dietary modifications, and specific ZenYOGA Acu-Stretch exercises to increase pelvic circulation, and overall Qi.


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