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Chronic Migraines

I have chronic migraines and have tried literally everything (drugs, blocks, bio-feedback, massages, surgeries, more drugs) I was referred to Mary for acupuncture. I am now drug-free and love my life. I exercise every day and drink my herbal teas and could not be happier. If you are afraid of giving up on western doctors, don’t be, Mary has been

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Testimonial – Diana

Mary is a knowledgeable, skilled acupunture physian and her treatments are given from the heart. She has shown me compassion, wisdom and medicinal quality herbal teas that combined with acupuncture has helped me tremendously. My life has been stressed by a prolonged family and legal conflict. I am calmer, I have my appetite again and I keep getting my energy

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Todd – Fountain Hill, AZ

“Our weekly golf outings and scores have only gotten better, no more tennis elbow! Were gonna go for the ZenYOGA next….and after that who knows!”

Janet – S. Scottsdale, AZ

“After being told by 4 medical specialists that there was no cause, no cure for a condition called pigmented purpura dermatosis, (a condition which causes capillaries to burst leaving unsightly skin lesions.) I began  acupuncture and chinese herbal medicine with Mary, only after 4 treatments the lesions began to fade.  Now after 6 months they are completely gone!  I encourage everyone to

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