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Clinic Photos

11/30/14 Grand Opening of our new “Crystal Prism Vortex” room, a healing room of “Expansion & Well being”, groups are welcomed to book this room for the gathering of friends for special occasions, or maybe just a few friends so you can feel on top of the world! We are delightfully serving you organic teas, and Juicing for your healing experience, and your Acupuncture sessions are included all for a very special price. Reserving your Crystal Prism Vortex Expansion experience in advance by 7 days is highly recommended. Please be advised that 2 hours will be a minimum booking for your truly unique expansive experience.IMG_1168

Thanksgiving 2014 Celebration with Friends and Family of Asian Healing Arts & Acupuncture


Shanti-Ahm my dear Chow-Chow blessed us all, with his living presence for over 10 years, seen here on Oct 28 during his last moments on the Earth Plane as he had an in-operable vascular tumor attached to his spleen.IMG_1106

Shiva his blonde mate, is being attended to and given love and comfort for her loss by the Guardian of Qi, Pima.


Dr Tan, one of our 20 Century foremost beloved Acupuncturist doctors of all time, and yes I am his on-going student!IMG_1099

BuddhaBabe and Pima hard at play!


Asian Healing Arts & Acupuncture sign at back entrance of property, where additional parking may be found


ACU-Zen therapy  for   All Balanced Beings
ACU-Zen therapy
All Balanced Beings
 Zen-full Bliss
Zen-full Bliss
Guardian of the TAO
Guardian of the TAO


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