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Mary Maurer Courses

Singing Qi Seminars – Acupuncture in Harmony Series

I Traditional Shiatsu – Namikoshi style
II Ancient Japanese Anma Massage – Includes Hara diagnosis & Visceral Massage
III Shiatsu & Anma Techniques – specific to release of TMJ, Head, Neck, Shoulders, Low Back/hip & Sciatica.
IV Ancient Anma & Hot Stone Massage – Balancing the Zang-Fu through heat
V Acu-ShiMa

5 Element Nutrition

Based on the ancient Asian knowledge of feeding your body’s constitutional needs. Physiologically what every organ and tissue system needs in nutrients are directly connected nature’s main five elements. These elements are known as fire, earth, metal, water and wood. Each of these elements are directly connected to the energetics of the human body specifically to organ systems.

Fire for example is connected to the heart and small intestine, Earth is connected to the stomach and spleen, Metal is connected to the lung and large intestine, Water is connected to the kidney and bladder and finally Wood is connected to the liver and gall bladder organ systems.

In the 5 elements nutrition your nutritional needs are based on the imbalance of Qi & Blood throughout the body’s organ systems.  For example when treating the heart nutritionally Hawthorne berry (one of many foods) is composed of all the nutrients needed to support the health of the cardiovascular system.

Mary teaches three levels of Shiatsu which include:

  • Shiatsu I

This is traditional Namakoshi Shiatsu taught on a futon

  • Shiatsu II  

This is ancient anma massage, included is the ampuku abdominal visceral therapy and the five elements diagnosis of Qi imbalances.

  • Shiatsu III

This course completes the series by adding TCM pulse and tongue diagnosis and putting it all together in a unique therapy designed specific for every individual’s needs.

Patient receiving Moxa treatment for depletion of energy at the core or Ming Men energy center.
Shiatsu, Anma and Tuina therapies being applied to assist in the movement of Qi and blood throughout the affected area, releasing soft tissue constrictions and joint capsule inflammations thus relieving pain.
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