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Alice Percy Strauss

Alice Percy Strauss is the founder and director of the Yogatsu Institute for Conscious Living and Healing Studies. She is member of the International Association of Yoga Therapists, both as a practicing yoga therapist, and registered yoga therapy school. Alice is also a member of Yoga Alliance as an E-RYT-500 (highest teacher category) and a 200 hour registered yoga school. She is a Certified Master Instructor in Acupressure, Shiatsu, and Reflexology with the National Therapies Certification Board, and holds a seat on their Accreditation Council. Alice has authored two books, several textbooks, and has written monthly newsletters. In addition, Alice has lectured and taught internationally: Australia, Germany, Korea, and Japan.

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The Conscious Relationship class addresses the greatest challenge all relationships face: individual Self-awareness. Statistics have consistently shown that the overall success of a partnership equals the level of self-awareness of each partner. When you do not know how much your past influences your present perceptions and attitudes about relationships, important partnerships can be difficult at best. In this class you will discover the core similarities that magnetized the two of you together, and the overall meaning for this union, despite the length of time spent together. Additionally, a new perspective about the meaning of difficult relationships will begin emerging that will instantly change your present relationship perceptions and realities. This class will help you look deeply and closely at who you are and what you’ve brought to the partnership. Whether you come alone or bring your partner you will leave with greater self-understanding and awareness, and with clearer direction and convictions.

In this pro-active class you will learn to:


    • Identify the three different types of personal relationships.
    • Recognize what it is you are seeking from your present relationship.
    • Who you want to be and achieve in the relationship.
    • What you are willing to do for the betterment of the relationship.
    • What real forgiveness is, and why it is essential in healthy partnerships.
    • How to see things from your partners’ perspective.
    • Create and sustain a “clean” relationship.



Parenting is a hard job yet extremely rewarding when done well. Parenting well requires a great deal of training and support. Unfortunately, society has all but ignored the need for formal training in this vital area of life, basically assuming that every human is born with good parenting instincts. This incorrect assumption has perpetuated the notion that parenting just happens, placing parents in the serious dilemma of having to fend for themselves—mostly through trial and error. The Conscious Parenting class has been created as a direct response to the huge number of requests I’ve received over the years for clear parenting instruction. The main goal of this class is to teach parents how to become more conscious in their role as mentors, bringing each parent to the full recognition that they are indeed the greatest teacher and role model their children will ever have. This class is designed for parents with children of all ages, and has been developed to assist parents in guiding their children in a way that will assuage frustration, self-doubt, confusion, and angst. The fact is, your parenting style is very much linked to your own childhood and the perceptions you created about the way you were parented. Thus, looking back at your past becomes a very important component in this class. As disturbing and distasteful as this may be for some, be reminded that you will not be able to change any part of your present parenting style until you know what parts need to be changed, and the reasons for making those changes. The Conscious Parenting class will help you:


    • Identify the mental conditioning that drives your present parenting style.
    • Determine your emotional personality.
    • Discuss the dynamics of conscious parenting, and how to apply it.
    • Recognize and use authentic compassion.
    • Establish firm and consistent boundaries as well as consequences that fit.
    • Intuit your children, and their individual needs.
    • Learn how to remain calm in the midst of crisis, and to teach by example.



Whether you’re the head of an international corporation, small business, school, or preparing for a future leadership position, you will benefit from the Conscious Leadership class. If you are presently in a leadership role or waiting for one, it is absolutely necessary to understand the true nature of leadership, and how to incorporate that understanding into a formula that works for you, and ultimately for those with whom you lead. A conscious leader gives little attention to the ego, and indeed understands that the more service rendered employees, the more service employees will give back. Research shows that the more interest, respect, understanding, communication, and fairness a leader gives to those he leads, the harder they will work—despite less than desirable financial rewards. The Conscious Leadership class gets right to the heart of how a conscious leader leads, as well as how to increase bottom line projections and expectations. Class includes invaluable, direct, and honest feedback to your present leadership style, and will also bring to light any unrecognized creative potential. The information taught is presented in an easily understood format that alleviates any hesitation on your part to apply all that you will be learning into all areas of your leadership life, both professional and private. The Conscious leadership class will show you how to:

    • Determine your particular style of conscious leadership.
    • Define your “dream team” and how to gather them around you, and inspire and encourage them into their greatest potential.
    • Excavate your hidden talents and apply them into your leadership role.
    • Give assistance to those you lead, without enabling or crippling their own creativity, potential, determination, and tenacity.
    • Communicate wisely, effectively, and often, and why this is so important.
    • Intuit the best way to inspire and motivate everyone around you.
    • Lead with the help of the 3 C’s.



Two of the most flawed ideas people have about money fall into two distinct categories: respect for it, and beliefs surrounding it. In the Conscious Money class you will be asked to think about those two concepts. Together we will explore and investigate the sabotaging concepts you learned about money when very young, as well as the way you show, or don’t show, respect for its creative energy. Money touches almost every aspect of life: food, clothing, home, work, leisure time, creative activities, family time, education, pleasure, and spiritual pursuits. In one way or another, every relationship you have is affected or influenced by money. The Conscious Money class will help you define, or redefine, your relationship with money, and will help you realize how much influence your thoughts and beliefs have over its appearance and disappearance in your life. To accomplish this you will need to understand the physical and nonphysical realities of money. By viewing money in terms of its purchasing power alone, it is rendered only fifty percent affective in its ability to regenerate and recycle itself into your life. Money is a form of energy, and since thought and emotion influences all forms of energy, it makes sense to view money as a form of energy that can be influenced in both a positive and negative ways. In this class you will learn how to use the energy of money in more beneficial and productive ways. You will learn about:


    • Your personal relationship with money, and the beliefs that have shaped your assumptions around it.
    • Your level of respect for money, and the myriad ways you unconsciously abuse it.
    • Your negative, “acting out” habits with money that greatly diminishes its ability to provide enough of itself to assuage your fears, and satisfy your needs.
    • Your concept of forgiveness around the energy of money and why this is so important.
    • Your willingness to live ethically with the amount of money you have, what it looks like to use it respectfully, and what this means in terms of your new working relationship with money.
    • Your greatest tools for maintaining a steady flow of money.
    • Your ability to give money in ways that will guarantees its return.


     Recent statistics have shown that less than 8% of employed people are happy with their present work situation. For many people finding happiness at work seems difficult, if not utterly impossible. In today’s workplace environment the focus is solely on productivity and the bottom line. Though this may be changing slowly with a number of companies paying closer attention to the needs of their workers, the majority continue to show little concern for employee welfare. Whether your unhappiness at work is the result of the “bottom line” attitude that permeates most work environs, lack of fair compensation for the work you do, unacknowledged talents and successes, poor promotion policies, personal problems with management, or the boredom of the work itself, happiness and contentment can become a part of your work life if you are willing to change the perceptions you presently hold about your work situation. Despite where your work takes place: In an office; behind the wheel of a truck; a busy restaurant; hospital; classroom; spa; department store; or at home, to be happy we must find a way to like the job we are doing until such time as we can secure another. In the Conscious Work/Career class you will learn how to:


    • Identify the exact reason(s) for your discontent and dissatisfaction at work.
    • Recognize the human factors involved, from your perspective as well as that of those with whom you may be experiencing difficulties.
    • Understand the difference between complacency and acceptance at work.
    • Define your idea of what a job, career, or calling means and how your personal definitions unconsciously influence the way you view your present work situation.
    • Demonstrate your willingness to speak up when necessary, know what to say when you do, and how to say it for your benefit—as well as that of the others with whom you are conversing.
    • Examine your unconscious, negative mental patterns so that you will know, without doubt, how to transform your old thinking and beliefs into those that cause you the least amount of work discomfort, thus greatly diminishing work related stress.
    • Recognize the triggers at work that compound your dissatisfaction, and how to defuse those triggers before they cause you more suffering than necessary.



Midway through life most people start asking the “Big Questions” they didn’t have the time or inclination to investigate when younger. The quest for economic, educational, and familial welfare took up the majority of the day, and any extra time was spent figuring out how to continue stabilizing those necessities. As decades passed and the intensity of those survival concerns lessened, those ancient questions that are unique to the human species begins scratching at the surface of the mind once again. Emotions like depression, melancholy, anxiety, guilt, resentment, anger, and fear have been a part of daily life for so long that the desire to learn how to handle them, to make them less painful, becomes both urgent and vital. In the Conscious Life Purpose class full exploration of such tremendously profound questions will be discussed. This class will open your mind to new ways of seeing and living that will unequivocally increase your desire to know thy Self, and what purpose your life holds. At completion of the Conscious Life Purpose class you will discover your own unique purpose for being here, and the significance of that purpose. The following are just some of the questions we will be discussing, exploring, and finding answers to in the Conscious Life Purpose class:


    • Of what significance is my life?
    • Have I recognized the intention of my soul, and what is it that I am supposed to give to the world that no one else is able to give?
    • Have I served humanity in my unique way?
    • Have I experienced joy, and have I given joy to others?
    • Have I discovered my talents and potential, and have I fully owned, utilized, and shared them?
    • Is there enough time left to pursue what I have always secretly believed to be my deepest passion?
    • Have I served humanity well, and will my essence and experiential wisdom be something of worth and value after I am gone?



There is increasing scientific evidence that the brain and the immune system are inextricably linked. Researchers in the field of Psychoneuroimmunology have found, with remarkable proof and clarity, the intimate connection that exists between the mind (psychology) and body (physiology). A connection between particular symptoms and your unconscious thoughts, emotions, and attitudes will become apparent by end of class. And, you will learn how to “hear” and decipher the messages that those symptoms are attempting to convey. The Conscious Healing class will provide the tools and practices you need to establish good health in mind, body, and spirit. The Conscious Healing class will explain:


    • What you need to “own” before true healing can begin.
    • How overuse, underuse, or denial of certain emotions instigate disease and suffering.
    • What the subconscious mind and emotions have to do with illness and health.
    • Why self-awareness and emotional equilibrium are important medicines for the creation and maintenance of good health.
    • How, and why, the mind and body communicate to each other.
    • How to use intuition for greater and more affective healing.
    • How spiritual practices speed healing of the mind and emotions, and ultimately the body?



The secret to loving your body is self-respect. The best way to determine how much self-respect you have can be measured by the way you move your body, feed your body, rest your body, and adorn your body. Contrary to what society wants you to believe, healthy, successful people are not always thin. Yet we are continually being bombarded by bottom line advertisers who hire thin, young, sexy models to sell their wares. Magazines are full of models whose pictures are airbrushed to hide their flaws and enhanced to maximize their classical and socially accepted physical attributes. The Conscious Body Love class will urge you to let go of the illusions you have been mentally brainwashed and coerced into claiming as your own. After this class you willno longer accept the definitions of beauty dictated by a culture whose standards are arbitrary and impossible to meet. The guiding principle behind this Conscious Body Love class is that you cannot wait for the “perfect” body to be happy—it may or may not show up. Before completion of the class you will be inspired to love the body you have, and will learn tools and techniques that will urge you to treat your body with a great deal more respect and care. The Conscious Body Love session with help you:


    • Determine when and why you began judging your body.
    • Develop an honest relationship with your body, and stop fighting yourself.
    • Identify your worth, your ideas of beauty, and give yourself permission to take up space in this world,
    • Live by your definition of beauty, and more importantly forgive yourself for not having the body “society” has determined is good for everyone.
    • Learn a different language when you think about your body, or speak about it to others.
    • Use intention and intuition to create a new way of living that enhances your inner and outer beauty.
    • Respect your body.



There is an ever increasing global desire to learn more about spirituality. Though the word has been used for centuries by shamans and enlightened teachers, only recently has the general population taken a keen interest in what was once the domain of the wise and profound. At present, most citizens of the world understand the idea and philosophy behind religious practice yet have only a vague idea of spiritual practice. Shamans and enlightened teachers have known for centuries that: “One cannot be religious without spirituality, yet one can be spiritual without religion.” While religion asks its followers to rely entirely on something outside their own being for guidance, assistance, and happiness, (such as a God-figurehead), spirituality asks its followers to rely also on their own inner wisdom for guidance, assistance, and happiness. Presently religions are fighting other religions, all in the name of their own version of God and what they believe God expects. Presently, fear based religious fervor is felt throughout the world, with countless followers and innocent bystanders being victimized and sacrificed in the name of religious dogma. The Conscious Spirituality class will help you learn more about the Self, the leading principle in developing spiritual maturity for personal as well as global benefit. This class will help you:


    • Understand the need of every human to belong to a group of like minded beings who share similar spiritual beliefs and practices, and the immense affects of such groups to bring about peace and harmony to a spiritually malnourished world.
    • Help you define your own individual, spiritual beliefs that can enhance your personal life as well as enhance the religious principles you may be presently practicing.
    • Identify the differences and similarities between religion and spirituality.
    • Awaken your spiritual potential to remain calm in the midst of criticism, judgment, trauma, or crisis, to allow others their own personal spiritual practice, and to support global harmony.
    • Implement ways to continue growing spiritually.
    • Learn to use intuition for greater spiritual enhancement.
    • Develop individual, simple spiritual practices that can be used in everyday situations to encourage and support your own mental and emotional stability and maturity, as well offer your community altruistic endeavors you have been wishing to share, yet hesitated to offer.



The topic of energy has been the center of much debate for generations. Presently there are thousands of books on the subject, and one need not look far for those practitioners whose main work focuses on energy manipulation, cleansing, and healing. For centuries energy work has been the dominant healing treatment in Asia. With the huge dissatisfaction of allopathic (Western) medicine, which relies heavily on manmade drugs and invasive surgery for the treatment of symptoms and disease, the medicine of Asia has become increasingly sought after due to its gentle, noninvasive, safe, and natural treatment methods. The idea that the mind can change the naturally occurring flow of energy flowing throughout and around the human body was at one time scoffed at by Western practitioners of medicine. Today, scientist have proved, unequivocally, that this is absolutely true. If you are fascinated by the possibility of learning how to heal the core cause of your physical problems, you will find the Conscious Energy Psychology class not only extremely interesting, but extremely helpful. In the Conscious Energy Psychology class you will be introduced to:


    • The reality of energy: what it is, how it works, how to “read” it, and how to use that information for greater happiness, health, and wellbeing.
    • The Aura and its purpose.
    • The Meridians and the purpose they serve.  
    • The Chakras and their role in health and illness.
    • The psychological aspects of energy in the form of: thoughts, emotions, intentions, words, attitudes, ideas, dreams, symptoms, beliefs, and how much they influence your physical body.
    • The power of your intuitive energy and its role in healing.
    • The meaning and purpose (soul lessons) behind illness and suffering.



The emotions play a much greater part in the quality of life than most people assume. Ancient Greek, Roman, Egyptian, Chinese, Japanese, and many other cultures too numerous to mention here, worked with the mind and its conditioned thoughts, beliefs, and attitudes as the beginning of all healing treatments. Archeologists have unearthed evidence from around the globe showing how much these ancient doctors utilized the mind as the greatest tool for the creation of health and happiness. Without modern drugs and surgical techniques to heal, they only had the mind, and natural herbal mixtures, to server their ailing patients. They understood the power emotions, triggered by thoughts, to support or destroy health. You will be delighted and surprised to learn there are ways to transform disturbing and disruptive emotions into beneficial actions that can hasten happiness and health. What you will learn in class will teach you how to create emotional equilibrium and maintain peace of mind no matter what transpires in your life. Lofty as this promise may seem, it can be your experience if you are willing to attend this class and are committed to applying what you will learn into your life. Medical science now accepts the ancient truth that emotional wellness equals physical wellness—and both forms of wellness are the gifts of this class. In the Conscious Emotionality class you will:


    • Explore how emotions are created, and why we need them.
    • Discover your unconscious addictive emotions, and how they affect every decision you make and action you take.
    • How to process, transform, and learn from the emotions that are the most disturbing to your peace of mind.
    • Understand how a strong emotion like fear can be extremely informative, for both the giver and receiver, if used consciously and with clear intent.
    • Learn ways to be with your strongest emotion rather than run from it; watching for the insight that will appear when you allow the emotion its full energy without acting on it.
    • Delight in the many ways you will be able to transform the intention behind an unhealthy emotion, thereby pulling the plug on its potential to cause harm to both yourself and others.
    • Practice observing your strong emotions. Becoming aware of: why they appear; what they are showing you regarding past emotional wounds that have not yet been healed; how to learn from them, and how to utilize the information you receive.


Dreams are an intrinsic part of the human psyche. Since the beginning of man’s sojourn on earth, dreams have been the source of great personal insight, everyday problem solving, joy, warnings, and intuition. Dreams are exceedingly important to mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical health. Every dream carries within its weird, wonderful, funny, informative, and at times frightening scenes, the stored subconscious material that did not get attention during your waking hours. The mind collects and records all that transpired during each day, and how you felt about everything. When you are finally in bed and ready to rest the mind and brain is given the opportunity to do some marvelous work. Dreams show you creative and practical ways to make your life better. Dreams, as proved by neuroscientists, are extremely important components in mental and physical health. In this class you will learn how to decipher the symbols, activities, people, and meanings of your dreams in profoundly individualistic ways that will bring you closer to knowing the dreamer, the real you. This is a very sought afterclass, so be sure to sign up early. In the Conscious Dream Work class you will:


    • Need to bring in a few of your most stunning dreams, even if some may be of a frightening nature.
    • Discover ways to remember your dreams.
    • Learn “dream shorthand” so that you can record your dreams without losing needed sleep.
    • Translate your dream images into insightful and useful information.
    • Determine what your recurring or frightening dreams are attempting to convey to you, and how you can utilize that information for your benefit.
    • Explore the four different kinds of dreams humans have, and how to decide which of the four types you may be enlisting in each dream.
    • Understand the spiritual power of your dreams, and why they are such a necessary part of your mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical health. 


The art of intuition has been a specialty of the humans species for a long time and has become the subject of increasing interest as science learns more about the profound abilities of the mind. The average person believes that intuition is the specialty of a gifted few who have been blessed with this profound ability. The truth is everyone has intuition, and uses it hundreds of times everyday. Every time you make a decision, large or small, you are using your intuition. Though intuition is built into every human, very few take the time to nurture it and trust it. You will be amazed at your intuitive abilities by the end of this exhilarating class. Only three things are required for the class: An open mind, an adventurous attitude, and good humor. The Conscious Intuition class is fun and exciting, and a class that is filled quickly to capacity. In the Conscious Intuition class you will:


    • Find out what intuition is and where it is located in the body.
    • Discover the practicalities of intuition, and how common and simple it really is to read and use.
    • Understand the difference between intuition and worrisome fantasies of imagination.
    • Participate in several experiments created to help you practice honing your intuitive skills.
    • Teach you to decipher the information you receive, and what it means.
    • Decide what to do with the information once it is received.
    • Learn several ways to sharpen your intuitive skills to help yourself and others, if you so choose.


We learned in science class that “like attracts like,” meaning that things that resonate at the same energy frequency will automatically move toward each other. Chakra energy is no exception. Chakra energy magnetizes toward each of us the very people and situations that resonate at the same energy frequency. Thus, we can say that everyone and everything that stands before us is a reflection of the energy resonating within our own being and body. In a very profound sense, this places a lot of responsibility for our happiness on our own shoulders.

The Chakra 101 course will show you the infinite wikepedia-like source of radiating energy that spins out from deep within the body to the auric field, and beyond. The chakras are like little energy vortexes of psycho-spiritual wisdom. Chakra information is meant to teach, guide, and to support our best lives. Each chakra vibrates with insights that can lead us to our greatest selves, relationships, careers, and successes. Chakras bring us face to face with our past, present, and future. While we cannot help what others have done to us in the past, the chakras lead us to the best way to make lemonade out of the lemons we’ve been given.

The chakras are, in essence, our personal biographies. When we better understand our past conditioning we can better understand those with whom we find it easy to like and love—as well as those we don’t. While we don’t have to love everyone, including family members, to be spiritual. However, we must learn to do avoid harming those we do not love. Chakra 101 can help us with this challenging task.

While life will always include pain, illness, change, crisis, and trauma we do not have to let those things rip us apart. With chakra insights, we know how not to let that happen. At conclusion of the Chakra 101 course you will be able to:

  • Identify the chakra lessons that have bee the most challenging.
  • See the connection that exists between chakra imbalance and illness.
  • Discover the personal challenges (financial, relational, educational, career, and self-love etc.) that you’ve struggled with that are related to specific chakras.
  • Move through the tough times with chakra guidance and insights.
  • Identify your strengths, talents, and potential, make hard choices, and determine how to take action with assistance of chakra information.
  • Determine the intention, and future consequence, for every decision and action you take, and learn how to utilize and trust the intuitive wisdom given freely by each chakra.
  • Learn to live consciously and intentionally with authentic compassion. 


Throughout this chakra 202 course, you begin to recognize the connection that exists between your life-lessons and the illnesses, accidents, changes, losses, and traumas you’ve experienced that are indicators of where and when you became less aware and attentive to what is occurring in your life that needs attention, and to your chakra guidance. Chakra energy is always at the ready to remind you when you are not paying attention to your life. They also help you see the strength, power, and courage you’ve always had yet didn’t/couldn’t see. Chakra 202 will help you understand that while you cannot change the past, you can, indeed, direct your present and future—and how to do it.

The chakras are concerned with the life-time work of spiritual education. To live in harmony with self, others, and the world in general, you have to be willing to be sincerely and tenaciously become accountable for learning as much as you can about who you are so that you know better who others are. While life will always present moments of pain, illness, change, crisis, and trauma you do not have to let those things destroy your ability to be happy. Despite any harm you were served, you can create the life you desire with the help of chakra intelligence—and a little well placed creativity and tenacity. With chakra insights, you will learn how not to be a “victim” in present and future relationships, or situations, and how to create the life you want without self-doubt, fear, or confusion. At conclusion of the Chakra 202 course you will be able to:

  • Understand those with whom you live/work via their chakra personality.
  • Define what your truest life and potential, as well as identify your life’s purpose.
  • Develop both strong self-confidence, and self-esteem.
  • Learn how to “hear” what others are saying without words, and how to “know” how to live and work with those who are not of similar chakra personalities.
  • Discover the different ways that chakras communicate their information to you, and how best to work that information into your everyday life.
  • Identify those people who will be triggers that will create self- sabotage in relation to your happiness, health, work, and best life.
  • Create a life of authentic compassion and what that looks like, and how to become a mentor to those who are seeking greater spiritual growth.


Becoming comfortable with aloneness is meditation’s greatest gift. Modern life allows very little time for solitude, the process of quieting down and moving inward. The practice of meditation brings us to our own inner space—that place where physical stillness and mental introspection can happen. Meditation creates a very private inner environment wherein we can see everything in this very moment.  And, it gives us the perspective to see things differently. In the silence of meditation we begin recognizing the illusions about life that have continued to haunt, and harm, our sense of self.

There are many moments each day when, although awake, we are not present. We are, in a sense, sleepwalking in and out of our own lives, as well as in and out of the lives of others. Through the rush of our days, we eat without tasting, walk without noticing the surrounding environment, listen to music without hearing it, and spend time with people without really connecting. Meditation practice trains the mind in awareness, focus, and clarity. It teaches us to pay attention to every moment and every occurrence, helping us become more conscious and aware of what we are thinking and feeling. Meditation helps us understand who we are, why we think, feel, and act the way we do, and the intention for those actions. With regular practice the mind becomes calm and uncluttered, and much more able to make decisions with the assuredness that we have looked at, and comprehend, the consequences of present and future actions.    

Meditation is the beginning of all healing. With meditation practice, we eventually experience authentic compassion for ourselves, and for others. The voice of self-doubt softens, and the voice of self-confidence and self-esteem becomes louder and clearer. We become grateful and appreciative for the parts of our being that are indeed whole, healthy, and divine—as well as those parts that are broken and need of assistance and healing because we realize through personal introspection that it is through hardship that we become hone our best qualities and character.

Meditation can be practiced by anyone and requires nothing more than a quiet place, without the distraction of the television, radio, computer, or phones. The important thing is that we create a setting that is conducive to quiet contemplation and internal introspection.

A Few of the Many and Myriad Benefits of Meditation Include:

  • Relaxes stressed nervous system, and strengthens immune system
  • Lessens, or completely eradicates, physical pain impulses
  • Calms the mind, and creates emotional equilibrium
  • Strengthens mental focus and concentration
  • Helps to inhibit strong habits, compulsions, addictions
  • Clarifies intentions, opens creativity, develops intuition
  • Creates intimate/honest connection with truest self.


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