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Year of the Water Snake

mauer-water-snake2013 is the year of the Water Snake. The snake is the 6th animal sign of the 12 year Chinese zodiac cycle. Snakes are wise, logical, intuitive, introspective, collected and steadfast.

Snakes can be rattled easily by sudden stresses. It is best to avoid becoming rushed and overwhelmed in the Year of the Snake. Peace, tranquility, moderate exercise and rest will provide strength in the Year of the Snake. The wise snake is cautious when making financial decisions. It is best to invest with contemplative reserve and avoid frivolities in the Year of the Snake.

To avoid rattling the snake, use patience and seek protected environments to preserve equilibrium. The snake is not always understood so it is best to work on clear communication skills in the Year of the Snake.

This year may bring unexpected changes from the deep black waters. Preparation and careful planning before striking into action is very important. It is a good year to pay attention to fine details. The cunning and intelligent snake may benefit from taking advantage of the opportunities often missed by the less observant participant.

The snake is wise, intuitive and often refined. On the downside, the snake may be possessive, vain and materialistic. Snakes are compatible with oxen, dragons and roosters. Snakes are not compatible with pigs and tigers. The hours of 9 – 10:59 am are the snake times of the day. The snake is a Yin and fixed fire sign of the earthly branch. The color of the snake sign is red. This being a Water Snake year, a dark or black snake is auspicious because the water element is associated with dark colors in the Five Element system. The last Water Snake year was 1953 and the last snake year was the year of the Metal Snake in 2001. The next Water Snake year will occur in sixty years.

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